The Proscriptions: Fenix Down

Voice: M. Sherwood Brent
Programme: Timothy O’Connell

With samples from: Glenn Gould, Yann Tierson, The Last Boyscout, Powerman 5000, Berserk, The Doors, Apocalypse Now, Night of the Living Dead (1991), children's masterpiece theatre, Deftones, Machines of Loving Grace, Disturbed, Shenmue, Doom3, Nirvana, Idlewild, Frédéric François Chopin, Jet, Yo Yo Ma, Gunnm, 311, Animal Crossing, Ecco the Dolphin, Pirates of the Caribbean, Nine Inch Nails, Shadowrun (SNES), Starship Troopers, M*A*S*H, Super Smash TV, National Public Radio and A Clockwork Orange.

Release Info: Fenix Down is published and distributed Ice Planet Hell Music and Unstable Studios.
Those Responsible: Fenix Down was produced and engineered by Timothy O'Connell at Unstable Studios Chicago (11.03 - 08.04) and mastered at Unstable Studios New Haven (08.04). Fenix Down was written, arranged and recorded by M. Brent and T. O'Connell except for 11 (What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse) by M. Brent, T. O'Connell and R. Salaam.
Outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes: No copyrights were licensed nor were any permissions or legal authorizations obtained in the re-recording or sampling of the previously copyrighted material on this record. Nothing of the sort will be sought.
Technical Specifications: Fenix Down is a 24 bit recording and was sampled at 44100 Hz and mastered on two channels, 16 bits per. Fenix Down was recorded, mixed and mastered on Dell computers using Cakewalk Studio 9.xx, M-Audio pro-audio and recording equipment, Roland and Peavey sound modules, Nero Burning Rom and Wave Editor, Fender guitars and MXL Microphones.
The following gaming consoles were also used in the recording and sampling of this record: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo Gamecube.
Product Endorsements: The Proscriptions make a point of enjoying Miller Highlife beer and Jim Beam (original label) bourbon and have received no endorsement (yet) from either the Jim Beam or Anheuser Busch corporations for doing so.
Disclaimer: Fenix Down is not to be used with mono devices.
Honorable Mention: Special thanks to Team Put it in the Butt (Especially Lars Bergquist and Jeffrey Stahler; 'You come out hard, you come in the butt or you don't come out at all'). Anti-Matter, Trevor Turk and Peter Walsh provided valuable technical and musical assistance. Jerry Good's work as DJ and percussionist were also valueable in the production of this album. Most deserving of acknowledgement, however, are the ecstatic vagrants and itinerant mystics who worked tirelessly towards the establishment of the inheritance of filth and degeneracy for which Ice Planet Hell is now remembered in story and song.

1 Hangovers 44100Hz|128k 4:83
2 On the Ripple 44100Hz|128k 4:10
3 Big Money, Big Prizes (I Love it) 44100Hz|128k 4:85
4 KK Sunshine 44100Hz|128k 2:77
5 Girl on Girl 44100Hz|128k 4:05
6 Death March 44100Hz|128k 5:37
7 Death March (Addendum) 44100Hz|128k 1:63
8 The Beach at Verona 44100Hz|128k 5:00
9 shdwrn 44100Hz|128k 4:10
10 What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse 44100Hz|128k 3:68
11 Escape from Ice Planet Hell 44100Hz|128k 5:30
12 The Floating World 44100Hz|128k 3:83
13 KK Star Road 44100Hz|128k 5:33
The Beach at Verona (Dress up, Make out) 44100Hz|128k 2:53
The Floating World (Sensory Depredation) 44100Hz|128k 3:02
The Floating World (The Ice Cold Earth) 44100Hz|128k 2:70

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