The Proscriptions: Fission Mailed

Voice: M. Sherwood Brent
Programme: Timothy O’Connell

With samples from: Mega Man 5, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Super Smash TV, The Princess Bride, Children's Masterpiece Theatre, Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back, Nine Inch Nails, Raise Your Voice, Berserk (Young Animal), Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, JS Bach, Batman, M*A*S*H, Avril Lavigne, Social Distortion, Deftones, Dubious Moniker, The Proscriptions, Shadowrun (SNES), Jean Paul Moorhead, Atmosphere, Nat 'King' Cole, RZA, Disturbed, Shenmue, Irakere, Bad Boys 2, Platoon and The Guardian Legend.

Release Info: Fission Mailed is published under Ice Planet Hell Music and distributed by Tyranny Belle.
Those Responsible: Fission Mailed was produced and engineered by Timothy O'Connell at Outer Heaven and Unstable Studios, New Haven (09.2004 - 08.2005), mastered at Outer Heaven (08.2005) and remastered at Unstable Studios, New Haven (10.2005). Fission Mailed was written, arranged and recorded by M Sherwood Brent and T O'Connell except for 07 ('Grim Reaper') by C Harris, MS Brent and T O'Connell, 11 ('Ripple Mission') by MS Brent, T O'Connell and Antimatter and 13 ('The End Of the World') by A Bamford, MS Brent and T O'Connell.
Outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes: No copyrights were licensed nor were any permissions or legal authorizations obtained in the re-recording or sampling of the previously copyrighted material on this record. Nothing of the sort will be sought.
Technical Specifications: Fission Mailed is a 24 bit recording and was sampled at 44100 Hz and mastered on two channels, 16 bits per. Fission Mailed was recorded, mixed and mastered on Dell computers using Cakewalk Studio 9.xx, M-Audio pro-audio and recording equipment, Roland and Peavey sound modules and synthesizers, Nero Burning Rom and Wave Editor, Fender guitars and MXL Microphones.
The following gaming consoles were also used in the recording and sampling of this record: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Dreamcast, Sony PS2.
Disclaimer: Fission Mailed is not to be used with mono devices.
Additional Material Contributions From: R Brent, R Salaam (Antimatter), C Harris, J Good, A Bamford & G Manolis (Dubious Moniker), P Celauro and A Enrici.

1 Foxhound 44100Hz|320k 3:20
2 Kali Yuga 44100Hz|320k 3:93
3 The Silence 44100Hz|320k 3:98
4 Shoot to Kill 44100Hz|320k 1:48
5 Maria Mercurial 44100Hz|320k 3:10
6 Denial of Service & All Night Neon Sunrise 44100Hz|320k 3:80
7 Grim Reaper 44100Hz|320k 1:28
8 Kaiser Knuckle 44100Hz|320k 1:48
9 Take These Hits 44100Hz|320k 2:78
10 Spitshine Society Cotillion 44100Hz|320k 3:22
11 Ripple Mission 44100Hz|320k 3:35
12 Charnel House 44100Hz|320k 4:55
13 The End of the World 44100Hz|320k 3:43
14 Dead to the Last Man 44100Hz|320k 6:05

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The Proscriptions